Aspiring Asset Management Ltd

The Aspiring Fund

The Aspiring Fund is a Boutique Investment Fund based in New Zealand.

The fund is principally an Australasian share fund with a broad mandate which allows the Managers to assist capital preservation.


Whilst investments are predominantly listed in New Zealand and Australia, we do not seek to benchmark ourselves against those indices, rather our focus is on absolute returns to our investors. To learn more about the way we think, invest and operate please register to receive our monthly newsletter.


$100,000 invested in the Aspiring Fund since inception (Feb 2006) is now worth $345,510* as at 1/05/2017 * assuming dividends re-invested and a PIR of 0%

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Aspiring Asset Management Ltd

Aspiring Asset Management Ltd is the manager of the Aspiring Fund. It is 100% owned by the principals and those principals are significant investors in the Aspiring Fund on the same basis as all other investors.

Our commitment is for the lifetime of the Fund and aligns our interests with those of the unitholders.

Click here to see more information about the Principals of the management team, and Our Philosophy.

Relevant information in relating to the Aspiring Fund is available on the scheme’s offer registry at
Investors can access our recent quarterly update by logging into the Aspiring Website.