The Aspiring Fund
is a Boutique Investment Fund
managed from New Zealand.

The Aspiring Fund

The Aspiring Fund is a boutique absolute return fund, originally created for its founding investors.

The Fund started in Feb 2006. Since that time the unique features of the Fund have remained unchanged.

By design, the Fund is a relatively small standalone fund – it is not a satellite fund of a larger wholesale fund. The size of the Fund provides for more opportunities, and enhanced diversification as investments in smaller companies can provide meaningful contribution to a smaller fund.

The investment mandate of the Fund is very flexible, allowing for investments across multiple asset classes and geographies.

The fleet of foot nature and wide investment universe of the Fund assists in the over-arching goal to preserve capital and achieve attractive returns.

$100,000 invested in the Fund since inception is now worth $528,600*
* assuming dividends re-invested and a PIR of 0%

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The Fund has a very wide investor base. This includes the Directors of the Fund's Management Company who each have a significant investment in the Fund and will continue to do so for the life of the Fund.

Fund governance is taken seriously, with a focus on independent 3rd party oversight. Independent Fund Administrators and Custodians monitor all transactional activity, and hold all client investment proceeds.

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Aspiring Asset Management Ltd

Aspiring Asset Management Ltd (‘AAML’) is the manager of the Aspiring Fund.

AAML is 100% owned by its employees, of whom have significant investment in the Aspiring Fund, and collectively over 150 years of experience in markets.

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Relevant information in relating to the Aspiring Fund is available on the scheme’s offer registry at
Investors can access our recent quarterly update here.